WE give young, growing companies with limited communication budgets the personalized attention they need to get results now.

Big PR agencies are a bad fit for emerging life science and technology companies. They charge big fees. They put junior staff on the account. They give small accounts minimal attention. The relationship becomes centered on process, not on results.

Learn how we can help your firm reach the audiences that matter for your stage of development.

Here is a partial list of the services we offer.

          •    Positioning and messaging
          •    Branding and naming
          •    Emerging from stealth mode
          •    Media relations
          •    Crisis communications
          •    Slide deck development
          •    Presentation coaching
          •    Media training
          •    Social media strategy and execution
          •    Advocacy relations
          •    Bylined articles
          •    Web site development
          •    Internal communications
          •    Visual identity and branding
          •    MOA graphics/infographics/data visualization
          •    Fact sheets and collateral

Emerging from Stealth Mode

Increasingly, young life science companies begin their lives in stealth mode: under the radar, zero publicity, no outward facing presence. This is when companies secure their initial financing, move their science to prove MOA, and assemble their core operating team.

When it’s time to emerge from stealth mode, though, you need to make a splash. You only get one chance to make a first impression: dazzle KOLs with your approach, excite journalists who want to write about your startup, and get business development professionals at larger pharmaceutical companies thinking they don’t want to miss the boat.

Emerging BioCommunications is your ally and guide when it’s time for that initial closeup. We get a young company’s positioning and messaging right, so your story impresses, instead of mystifies. We train your CEO and executive leadership to handle interviews, from easygoing local coverage to tough questions from the trades. And we use our contacts in the media to get the continuing coverage that creates buzz.

Our team 

Emerging BioCommunications is focused on the young, growing companies in life sciences and beyond. What factors will separate the winners from the losers?

Some factors you can’t control: lab results, adverse events, shifts in the market. Some you can, including communications. A powerful, integrated communications plan will enable your firm to advance more quickly: reaching key audiences, getting onto the radar of KOLs, striking partnerships and licensing deals more quickly, raising more funding in less time.

We are a team with deep background in business, financial and science journalism. That makes us natural storytellers, able to find the hidden narrative that will make your firm’s story break through the media clutter. We also understand how the media think and operate – what motivates reporters and editors, and how to get them to focus on your company.

Our team is complemented with award-winning graphic artists, web designers, videographers, and social media experts. Together, Emerging BioCommunications’ staff builds winning creative, strategy, experience and communications programs on behalf of client brands.


“When Syntimmune moved from early stage to clinical stage, we worked with Jeff and Emerging BioCommunications to redo our web site. The new site captured the excitement and promise of our drug candidates, and generated enormous interest from potential investors.
My hat’s off to Jeff for an outstanding job!”