Making the most of your interactions with the media

A news interview can be a priceless opportunity to advance your company’s agenda and win over talent, partners, or investors. It can also be a terrifying experience that can go wrong in hundreds of different ways. Learn how we can make every interview a winning experience.

For the media novice, the first couple of interviews can be harrowing. Even when they go smoothly, they can be anxiety-provoking experiences. That’s because no matter how personable the reporter, or how straightforward the questions, the media is not your friend.
They are driven by the story – and their story may not be the one you have in mind.

That’s why you need media training from a pro – someone who has been on the inside and understands how the media work and what reporters and editors are looking for. EBC founder and principal Jeff Krasner has 25 years’ experience as a financial reporter, working for newspapers including The Wall Street Journal and The Boston Globe. His writing on life sciences and health care won numerous awards. That kind of experience means you’ll be ready for any interview situation.

Media training isn’t only for novices. Experienced executives who have handled numerous interviews also benefit from a media-training refresher course. The media are always evolving. Your skill set needs to evolve, too.