Tiptoeing through the media minefield with Seventh Sense Biosystems

Seventh Sense Biosystems had worked for nearly eight years on a painless way to collect blood for diagnostic testing. But the company was reaching important regulatory milestones just as the story of Theranos, the one-time Silicon Valley darling exposed to be a fraud, was breaking. How could Seventh Sense capitalize on the sudden interest in the blood diagnostics business without being tainted by the ongoing revelations about regulatory transgressions and failed technology at Theranos?

Krasner crafted a media strategy that focused on a few key outlets with a powerful narrative that emphasized the potential benefits to patients who avoid medical treatment because they are afraid of venipuncture blood draws. Seventh Sense garnered big, exclusive coverage in Bloomberg News (print, online and video) and a section-front story in The Boston Globe. That coverage enabled Seventh Sense to successfully close a C round of financing just as it won marketing clearance from the FDA.